Sea Freight is a Budget-Friendly Option

Do you need to send heavy or bulky items overseas? Sometimes the most practical and cost-effective way to move large volumes of goods is to ship your inventory across the ocean. If there is no immediate demand for the items that you need to move then sea freight is a great choice.

Our logistics experts rely on industry experience, modern technology and a vast shipping network to formulate the best supply chain strategies for you. We can help optimise your supply chain operations by slashing unnecessary costs and choosing the most efficient services to accommodate your operational needs. Whether you are organising international imports or exports, we will guide you through every step of the process.

There is more to sea freight than simply choosing the right vessels and partnering with the right contacts. The team at GSA have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of customs brokerage to ensure that shipping regulations and other clearance considerations do not negatively impact your delivery timeframes.

GSA Freight Logistics offers two sea freight options:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) service
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipments

Our Sea Freight Services

We will ensure that your air freight arrives faster than sea freight, but at a substantially lower cost when compared to our global express courier service.

Our air freight services are the most economical international delivery option for heavier goods. There are a number of ways to transport your freight.

Full Container Load

This is ideal for exporters who are shipping enough goods to accommodate one full container load. You book the FCL service and all the goods in that container belong to you. Even if you don’t completely fill the container, it’s still classed as a FCL service.

Our FCL service is used widely for businesses that are importing and exporting. Delivery for import and export customers is available – either door-to-door or door-to-depot.

FCL is also ideal for moving household containers.

See What Sea Freight Can Offer

Discover more about the opportunities that our sea freight services can provide for your business or household. Contact GSA Freight Logistics on (02) 9666 5549 or contact us online.

Less than a Container Load

We are able to offer our customers LCL shipments where we combine your consignment with other customers requiring freight transportation. You might just fill a quarter of the container and other customers’ goods will fill the remainder. We are then able to economically send your goods through our network of first-class shipping lines. At the final destination, each consignment is separated and delivered to the appropriate recipient.

As a specialist relocation services and excess baggage company, we often use this method to move large quantities of personal effects.



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