Boost Your Export Business with Our Air Freight Services

Importing or exporting heavy products by air can be an expensive endeavour for any supply chain operation. How do you assess each project to determine whether shipping via plane is a viable business solution? Rather than let convenience guide your decision-making, you need an experienced logistics consultant that can help you find the most competitive options. Get the best deal for your dollar with our team at GSA.

When item handling efficiency and stringent timeframes are important, consider investing in our international air freight services. We provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that are looking for a little finesse with their import and export activities.

Optimise your logistics by planning smarter. Let us help you consolidate deliveries, choose services that meet your budget and ultimately cut unnecessary costs.

Our Air Freight Services

We will ensure that your air freight arrives faster than sea freight, but at a substantially lower cost when compared to our global express courier service.

Our air freight services are the most economical international delivery option for heavier goods. There are a number of ways to transport your freight.

Airport to Airport Service

Move parcels and other items around the world for your convenience. Take advantage of our international services.

Airport to Door Service

Transfer your goods from the airport right to your front door. Contact us to discuss your freight needs.

Door to Door Service

Coordinate a seamless supply chain experience to ensure that your cargo is transported to precisely where it needs to go.

Door to Airport

Liaise with all major airlines to exploit the best routes available. Cut your supply chain expenses with GSA.

Our team of highly trained and experienced international air freight delivery specialists will guide your goods to their destination. We are accredited as a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) through the Australian Government’s Office of Transport Security.

Air Freight Services with a Smile

Contact us online  or phone (02) 9666 5549 to find out more about our competitive air freight services. Get the care and attention of a local family-owned company with the global connections to help your business thrive.



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