The Excess Baggage Company offering a Personal Touch

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Move your goods or personal effects with a family-owned business that offers a personal touch.

GSA Freight Logistics offers a complete range of services from express courier, air and sea freight transport services for importers and exporters, to excess baggage services.

We have been in business since 2006, and strive to provide customers with a unique one-stop logistics solution for domestic and international movements. While our competitors offer just freight forwarding, or international couriers, or domestic services, we are able to offer it all!

We offer the flexibility of access to numerous carrier networks and utilise the major carriers for our global express courier service. Our network of agencies enables us to provide the highest possible level of service to importers and exporters.

The Unique Excess Baggage Company

Do you need your smart phone, tablet or laptop moved along with your personal effects? Good luck! Most companies will give you a flat-out ‘no’ because they are unable to transport lithium batteries.

GSA Freight Logistics is a unique excess baggage company in that we offer international transportation of mobile phones and other devices requiring lithium batteries.

There are a few items we just can’t move for you due to air regulations. These include:

  • Aerosols
  • Flammables
  • Perfume

However, if it’s clothes; books and papers; toys and household items; and phones, tablets and other devices; we have it covered.

Global Express Courier Service

We pick up international courier documents and parcels from anywhere in Australia, or Sydney customers can drop off their items at our warehouse. We weigh the item and calculate the cost on the spot.

Online tracking is available every step of the way – you can track your documents or parcels when we utilise our network of agencies using airlines such as Etihad or carriers such as UPS.

A Reliable Family-Owned Business

Trust the company that cares. For flexible, affordable and reliable freight logistics with a personal touch, contact GSA today. Get a quote online or phone (02) 9666 5549 today.