Storage and Logistics

Get Access to Freight Storage and Logistics Options

Work with the same company every step of the journey. Instead of moving your goods between airline or shipping carriers, and then switching hands to access warehousing, get on board with GSA Freight Logistics.

From accurate product fulfilment to reliable global express courier services and budget-friendly sea freight services, our team can handle all elements of the storage and freight logistics for your goods.

Storage Solutions

If your business is short on storage space and needs assistance with warehousing, GSA Freight Logistics is the answer to your problems.

Our Storage and Logistics solution takes the headache out of storage and product fulfilment.

Just create your product orders and send them directly to our operations team. They will pick and pack your products and generate the necessary courier documentation for our global express courier service, international air freight services or domestic services. We then despatch your products according to your specified delivery schedule.

Features of our Freight Logistics Solution

Your business can use our real-time tracking feature to monitor the delivery of your products. The tracking facility provides constant up-to-date information about the location of your products until they are delivered at their final destination.

Our freight logistics system also provides real-time capability to monitor stock levels and warn you when quantities fall below an established re-order level.

GSA Freight Logistics facilitates the distribution of thousands of products to hundreds of recipients in countries all over the world. Our fast and reliable domestic and global express courier services, international air or sea freight services and overnight domestic services, combined with our accurate warehousing operations, will satisfy your storage and logistics needs.

Whether you are a small or large exporter, we have the capability to provide an impressive solution for your business.

Let's Talk Freight Logistics

For more information on how we can create a solution for your distribution issues, phone GSA Freight Logistics on (02) 9666 5549 or contact us online.

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